As the title states:

One of the main reasons I am doing this adventure is to "find myself" yes that old cliche' but seriously I have just kind of been surviving along the way never really stopping to see what makes me tick and I am hoping that I can begin to like the person I have become and can work through that whole process. In the end, I want from this trip to really like me, and I feel once I have gotten to that point my life will really start to flow in a nonstop positive way. I will be discussing in some babbling depth, my daily thoughts as I try to work through some of the many life troubles and bad times I lived through and pushed down that are now trying to work their way out so I can deal with them and start to find more peace in my life. 

When on the road, I will begin practicing:

> meditation

> yoga

> much needed cardio adventures

> healthy eating


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