This page is going tp be my main blog page where i will do weekly blogs on my events travels and even some articles on gear i try and use along the way.

 I will be doing reviews which will include Pictures and video links with reviews of different products that I will be using on the road, that will help in what it is I am doing and hopefully will help you out as well.


I plan on starting a Facebook page shortly and will invite other to discuss tips and tricks and gear that have helped them along the way.

Of course, my Youtube page will have all my videos including live facebook vids on it.

So far i have 2 videos on there one is a test video an intro of my journey and myself, the second my first official review a walk though of one of the smaller RV units i was looking at.

LINK: My Youtube Page




Type of RV

Working on the Road

RV and Road Talk

Personal Thoughts


Here is a great and inspiring video From Marianne Edwards this shows some of why I want to do this and also ways i will be able to save to how I will be able to afford it:




Adventures begin somewhere between December and February