A short time after my daughter was excepted to her Choice University she sat me down and said "dad, you have done a great job in raising me, you have made many sacrifices for me and I know and appreciate that but in August when I go off to college to start my new life I want you to the same".... " dad its then time for YOU TO DO YOU!.

Please join me as I am currently working hard on all planning stages including trying to figure out how I'm going to pay for all this. adventures will hopefully begin sometime in December or January, I will take you all on the journey with me through my photography and videography this great country and its beautiful roads, valleys, mountains, and parks meeting fun, creative, and caring people along the way.


I am so excited to begin my 2 year RV adventures which will include:

> Live Facebook feeds

> A weekly vlog a run-through of my thoughts on things I've seen along the way as well as items I am using in the RV life and things I think can help others if they go for this adventure as well.

> creative and unique photos of people places and things I see and feel along my way.



Join me on my adventures on this page and my youtube page 



To my friends and family in Las Vegas you have given me 26 years of safety and love and I will always be thankful, and I will also always return as I am working hard to lock down dates of employment "gigs" for at least 1 week a month for the next few years so you will still see me from time to time.


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Working on the Road

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Personal Thoughts



Adventures begin somewhere between December and February