I have spent the last 9 months researching the different choices available from travel trailers, fifth wheels, camper trailers, pop-ups, to Class A  Class C and Class B motorhomes.

My choices of RV and RV types below are based on the following reasons


Being that it only me I don't need that  much space but I do require for some of my photography, DJ, and photobooth gear

Rear permanent bed:

I do not want to have to pull down or climb up and make my bed before I take a nap or crash for the night.


I plan on saving money and cooking all my meals so it's important to have a small kitchen and prep area.

Front Swivel Seats:

living in a small RV every inch counts and being able to utilize the extra seating will be important to have several seating choices and if I end up with guests over for a meal or whatever 


One with separate shower: I know shower time in an RV is limited and most end up using Gyms or RV par facilities, but when I'm boondocking which I plan on doing a lot of I will need to take comfortable showers..................*side note being only 5' 5" makes small RV showers just right :)


Obviously, you get better mileage and in some cases torque with a diesel engine but you also pay a lot more for that. So I need the best MPG so I can travel farther at not such a high cost.

The convenience of size vs comfort:

I neede something that was practical for not only driving around cities and towns but also for some off road as I will be boondocking quite a bit so I need to make sure the vehicle will handle it. I will be more long periods of time Living in the unit so it cant be so small I go stir crazy, although I do plan on spending as much time outside taking pictures and having fun as possible!


What can I afford?. Unfortunately, I have made some bad choices and sacrificed some things like all parents do a result I do not have the best credit nore do i show on paper some great earnings. I also have no equity and have rented my entire life.   well now that i got that depressing stuff out of the way......

I was able to get a loan for $50k towards a RV well they will cover me fir that amount but only for 90% of it so i have to put 10% down out of pocket. Because of the obvious i have i much higher interest rate at olamost 13%, yes OUCH is correct bonus is i can refinance like a house loan in 6 months to a year for better rates!!


My Top RV/Motorhome choices So Far:

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Below each RV Name is a Picture and Floorplan of each unit

2016 Dynamax REV 24CB

Itasca Viva 23L

Itaca Viva 23B



2015 Itasca Navion 24J

2014 Libero Leasure Van

2014 Serenity

2018 Winnebago Travato 59K vs 59G Ram Promaster

2010 Fleetwood Pulse 24D

forest river sunseeker ts 2390D




Type of RV

Working on the Road

RV and Road Talk

Personal Thoughts


Adventures begin somewhere between December and February