On this page I will discuss:

> how to make money as a photographer traveling in an RV

> how to get DJ gigs while on the road in an RV

> how to get photo booth gigs on the road in an RV


Sponsorship: I have already begun to look into possible Sponsorship for some products ill use along the way.

YouTube: I am hoping my new Youtube page will help bring I some cash with my vlogs

Photo Booths, DJ, and Photography: I will be posting a general ROUTE of where I am going and when ill be there, this will include:

> RV Parks- RV parks have a sort of classifies add so I can post online when I will be at a location and if someone is in need of my services they can pre-book me for that location.

> Government- or government also has a sort of classified that I will be applying to that can hire me to cover an event if I am near that location or event.

> Las Vegas- I have lived and worked here since 1991 so I do have a few appreciative clients and friends who will also know my schedule and hopefully will book me from time to time allowing me to not only return and visit but make some money along the way.

Photography for sale:

Part of my adventures I plan to capture my unique look at not only cities and towns I visit but the landscape, the people, and the culture along the way. I have worked out a few deals with galleries both here and in long island and will try to do even more along the way. of course, I will post these photos along my trip in hope that they sell as well.


I will on the road be studying more on learning more about how to become a better writer and journalist. I have already written 7 published articles, but plan on doing much more about my adventures and some of the national parks and monuments along the way.



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