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2017 Photo Booth Expo https://www.jakekleinphotography.com/blog/2017/5/2017-photo-booth-expo The Photo Booth Expo 2017


By Jake Klein

PB Expo (10)The first known really working photographic machine was a product of the French inventor T. E. Enjalbert (March 1889). It was shown at the 1889 World’s Fair in Paris. Through the years photo booths have proven themselves as a fun thing to do as well as a great way to capture moments in time for memories. Most of us, whatever year we were born in, can remember the first time we entered a booth and began making funny faces, or for some of us got that first kiss and the excitement of seeing the photo strip. Thankfully booths have come a long way and the experiences have only been made more fun and more memorable.

The photo booth expo show first opened its doors in 2015 to an amazing turn out of over 1000 attendees. Each year that number has doubled with an impressive over -3,000 attendees in 2017. The now internationally known Photo Booth Expo, which takes place every year in Las Vegas, Nevada, is run by a large team of experts in their field, overseen by the creator, Rob Savickis.  After spending over 25 years in the event industry and being a photo booth owner and operator himself, Rob wanted to bring the ingenuity, creativity, and knowledge of every aspect of the photo booth industry to an expo giving to those who are interested in the business.

Each year thousands of photo booth owners, attendees, and manufacturers come together from all around the world to attend the photo booth expo.  At PBX “Photo Booth Expo” you can learn from many of the professional educational speakers, purchase new products from the MANY vendors, and network with like-minded “boothers”. This year there were over 150 vendors displaying not only their creations of photo booths but also other options that could be offered to your clients.

I am amazed at how incredibly thought-out some of these photo booths that are on display are from giant replications of an original 1930s cameras to a replica 1800’s type camera.  There are photo booths made from wood, aluminum, steel, plastic and every other material known to mankind.

When entering the Expo floor one can be amazed to see every style, shape, color, and design of photo booths. Photo booths have come a long way and at the expo, you can see photo booths the size of a medicine cabinet to the size of a small car or caravan. First and foremost are all the amazing, new booth designs created by booth builders from around the world.PB Expo (9)

Besides booths on the expo floor, you will also find every type of new and innovative photo booth program and all the amazing things these programs now offer, like social media sharing, slow motion video, Gifs, Face Morphing, Green Screen, and much more. Need a prop for your booth, boas, signs all of them themed for every type of event you could think of. All types of backgrounds, backdrops and the backdrop stands, and the bags and cases that hold them.

As with many expos, the main reason people come is for the education you get. At the Photo Booth Expo, there are many great educational seminars. The speakers that Rob and his employees/advisers hand-pick to come and speak make the Photo Booth Expo the best bang for your buck. You will walk away with not only the latest and greatest products and where to purchase them but you will walk away knowing how to make your business more successful, how to run your business, how to interact with your clients, customers, how to think outside the box, and how to set yourself and your company apart from your competitors.

Jake Klein, Lead Photographer/Videographer
Jake Klein Photography

PB Expo (13)PB Expo (12)PB Expo (11)PB Expo (8)PB Expo (7)PB Expo (6)PB Expo (5)PB Expo (4)PB Expo (3)PB Expo (2)PB Expo (1)


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Mobile Beat 2017 https://www.jakekleinphotography.com/blog/2017/5/mobile-beat-2017  

Mobile Beat 2017 – Year 21


By Jake Klein

Ryan Burger with several of Mobile beat 21 speakerThis year Mobile Beat Expo celebrated 21 years of being a must-attend source of information, networking, vendors, and products convention in Las Vegas drawing thousands of musically passionate DJs from around the world.

Driven by the desire to continue to bring this great Expo to those who need it, love it, and live for it, from the top business owners in the entertainment industry to bringing you the newest latest and greatest in sound lighting and everything having to do with our industry, mobile beat continues to be one of the top expos to attend.

Although Mobile Beat has been around for 21 years, for the last 10 of these years it has been run by a huge team of industry leaders, helpers, and volunteers: all under the supervision of Ryan Burger.

After every show, each year Ryan takes the time to listen to the comments from the vendors to the attendees to make the following year’s show even better. Ryan and his team work hard to make it run smoother, to bring you more content, to make things more financially justified for the vendors and he continues to try to raise the bar on the entertainment value of the show – not just the educational value. Mobile Beat has brought, through the years, some of the top entertainers. These include everyone from the Village People to this year’s bringing you Montell Jordan, Freedom Williams, and Silentó, with an incredible set topping off one of the night’s DJ legend in the nightclub and production industry, DJ Paul Oakenfold.

This year’s Mobile Beat opened up night one with its sixth year running the incredible DJ Takeover sponsored by Peavey Electronics. I was honored to play the role of Co-producer, Co-Host and Official Photographer. This year’s DJ Takeover Peavey DJ Takeoverbrought you 11 incredible DJs in total. Eight of those DJs work from all around the U.S. and Canada, two of the DJs from right here in Las Vegas, Nevada – both with residencies at two of the top nightclubs in town.

Each day of Mobile Beat kicks off with some of the most incredible information from the top speakers and top money makers in the DJ industry in rooms capable of holding over 300 attendees. Several smaller up-close-and-personal classes by some of the top industry designers of DJ sound and lighting equipment are important to not only learn all about the equipment you’re spending your hard-earned money on but also to learn how it works best and give you a hands-on feel and the ability to hear and see what it is that these products can do. In each of these other rooms, there are DJ’s from around the world spinning so you really can hear see and feel the full experience of that equipment.

Networking is always a huge bonus at Mobile Beat from stairwells to exits to hallways you will find constant small groups of old friends and new friends mixing together in conversations, networking, making new connections and, let’s face it, talking shop with people who “get it” is always fun!

Expo floor2Doors to the expo floor opened day 2 with people lining up 30 minutes in advance to be the first ones in to get their eyes and hands on the latest and greatest in DJ technology. Mobile Beat 2017 brought you the top vendors: over 150 of them for two days to really get you to know the products you may be interested in purchasing, the newest products that you may not have even known existed, and the ability to talk directly to not only the vendors but their manufacturers. DJ associations are there as well to help you with things like equipment insurance, and vital information and tools to help you with your business. Décor backdrops, trussing, speaker stands, bags and cases for your equipment- there is a little of everything DJ related for you.

Why purchase from a dealer rather than online? At Mobile Beat, you get the opportunity to meet and talk with direct dealers. You build a personal relationship with them, and in most cases, can reach out to them with questions on your purchases and get a much faster response. Customer service from an unknown online source can never match customer service from a dealer you have met, talked with and learned hands-on from. Purchasing equipment is a big decision and the follow-up answers and advice you get from a company you know versus an online unknown is priceless!!

The entire idea behind Mobile Beat from day one has always been to have its attendees return to their homes, their businesses with not only the right equipment but the right knowledge that it takes to become successful and to provide for their families and live a happy life doing what it is they are so passionate about and they love to do.

Jake Klein, Lead Photographer/Videographer
Jake Klein Photography


Ted DiBiase the million dollar manRecording artist SilentoRecording artist Montell Jordanrecording artist freedom williamsPeavey DJ Takeover crowd shotMobile Beat Confrance crowd shot 2Mobile Beat Cobfrance crowd shotexpo floorDJ and producer Paul Okenfold (2)DJ and producer Paul Okenfold (1)


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Reckless In Vegas https://www.jakekleinphotography.com/blog/2016/11/reckless-in-vegas Reckless In Vegas



The Band is called Reckless In Vegas, however they are far from being reckless.


The band begins right away taking you on a musical journey combining several genres of music together to create songs that have you scratching your head , then dancing and singing along to some of your favorites.   


The band Reckless in Vegas with their style of a polished well-dressed almost hipster look is a band that consists of three band members and 2 dancers.


On Guitar and lead vocals is Michael Shapiro who can hit the mic with not only soft melodic notes but with hard rock aggression. Michael is not afraid to talk on the mic and get you really into the show. During the show, he jumps off stage to play his guitar up close and personal to the audience and really get them going.


 On bass and vocals is Chris Nichols. Chris comes off as the quiet, reserved type but once he starts slapping the strings on his bass he becomes a rock god.


On drums and vocals is Ryan Low. Ryan, as you will see in some of my pics, is not shy or quiet, his head banging hair flapping, sticks flying a good time on his drum set .


Beautiful and talented dancers JoLae Brandt and Ashley Eubank perform theatrical well-choreographed dances not  only on stage with the band, but on the dance floor and into the audience as well.


The dancer's interact with the audience getting them involved in the show by pulling people onto the dance floor and dancing with them this, of course, gets everyone more involved and before you know it the dancefloor is hoping.


Reckless in Vegas covers songs by artists from the 50’s and 60’s.They take that well known loved era of music and give a completely different twist on each and every song.


They will have you dancing , singing and saying out loud “as I have witnessed a few times” Oh My Gosh I had no idea it was THAT song, I love that song!


In fact when most of the songs start you are thinking, oh cool that’s a Zeppelin song, or hey that’s sounds like green day, then you suddenly realize it’s a Sinatra or Elvis tune.


Maybe it’s because I love all types of music that I really enjoy hearing this band. I always feel like I am listening to a rock concert of Rat Pack lyrics.


Although technically Reckless in Vegas is a “cover” band, they are far from it. I highly recommend you go see them soon for a musical experience you won’t soon forget!


To view a few albums of this incredible band Click ....HERE

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LDI 2016 Live Design International https://www.jakekleinphotography.com/blog/2016/11/ldi-2016-live-design-international  LDI 2016


LDI happens every year in Las Vegas Nevada and this year was celebrating its 28th anniversary.

LDI, which stands for Live Design International, located at the world famous Las Vegas Convention center is one of the largest lighting tradeshow conventions in the world. The show brings in over 12,000 people from every walk of life in over 80 countries talking about, displaying, demonstrating, and selling everything having to do with the lighting world and all that relates to it. It has over 350 various vendors and exhibitors from the largest sound, staging, and lighting companies to your smaller new concept and product companies

Ribbon Cutting by former Las Vegas mayor Oscar GoodmanRibbon Cutting by former Las Vegas mayor Oscar Goodman

The LDI expo starts off with a ceremonial ribbon cutting from the current Las Vegas mayor. This year’s cutting was performed by the former Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman. Once the ribbon is cut thousands upon thousands begin pouring into the expo floor and you can feel the excitement as you look around and vendors begin to stand tall with smiles on ready to greet their possible future clients.

If you own, run or are in charge of staging, trussing, programming, sound engendering, rigging, in fact, anything audio/ visual and all in between, then this is the show for you. Creative and innovative products from worldwide vendors can be found aisle after aisle.

How big is the show you ask?  The answer is in 3 parts. First, there is the main, the convention or “expo” floor itself, which is around the size of a large football field. Second are the smaller rooms in which you will find demo rooms, private conferences, and seminars. Third is the outside venue with Networking areas complete with live entertainment , food truck, beer trucks which  fill most of the main parking lot.

Located right outside the convention center’s main doors, Live Outside - Technology for Outdoor Events & Festivals, not only features great food and entertainment during the day, but there are several big shows and parties in the evening. Many of the products featured at LDI are used on these stages and setups to highlight what it is that they can do.

Yes,  you can not only look at and get to touch products hands on, and speak with the people who created or are in charge of installing them, but you can attend classes on how to use those products or how that same company is working on new products.

One of the extra exciting things that happen on the expo floor is that several of the large lighting companies put on their PROGRAMED amazing light shows; these feature not only the incredible lighting that they sell but the programming and controllers that help to create these amazing shows.

At most conventions, there is some form of networking going on: well LDI is no exception. In fact, the convention center is so large you can walk for miles and still find small groups of 2 to 15 people networking and creating new friendships.

Are there other concerts, shows forms of entertainment there during LDI?  Yes absolutely! Because the show is located in Las Vegas the entertainment capital of the world, you can bet there are a lot of after parties, some sponsored by LDI and its sponsors, as well as many mainstream clubs and events giving either a free entrance or discount using your LDI badge.

* all photos and videos in this article are from Jake Klein of JakeKleinPhotography  



For more information and to register for the 2017 LDI show please visit http://www.ldishow.com/ldi16/Public/Enter.aspx


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NAMM2016 - A Convention Review by Jake Klein https://www.jakekleinphotography.com/blog/2016/2/namm2016---a-convention-review-by-jake-klein  


The Namm Show, which is held every year in Anaheim California, celebrated their 115th show   from January 21-24, 2016. This show takes place at the Anaheim Convention Center and is put on by the NAMM foundation - a not-for-profit association that promotes the pleasures and benefits of making music and strengthens the $17 billion global music products industry. The NAMM Foundation is funded by NAMM members through trade association activities and private donations.

The Namm Show consists of 4 floor levels, the arena, and several surrounding hotel banquet rooms. Each floor is almost the size of a football field and each floor has its own vibe and level of success - its own customer base it appeals to.

So what can you do and see at this show and why should you go?

 From the moment you arrive on property you realize just how big this is by the sheer size of the event and the number of people you see. Try booking a hotel room last minute anywhere near there:  it's almost impossible. In the blocks surrounding the convention center you will see hundreds of people walking the street s from all directions, all converging to this great event. The people that attend Namm are from all walks of life; such as corporate suits to hipsters to rockers and then some. Just outside the front of the Convention Center the street that leads up to it is transformed into a huge concert stage, with several famous food trucks, and a large fountain as well as benches and places to sit everywhere, eat, talk, laugh and network.

Throughout the show there are also Exhibitor Booth events. Some of these events are educational seminars on products and their use, and others are what is called meet and greets of famous musicians and personalities for the fans.

In the Main lobby you will find blog lounges, a NAMM show shop, and a large NAMM conference learning seminar center, which features key note speakers in the industry, and product education classes. What I found clever is that those attending wear headsets to hear every word and block out all the thousands of people walking by and talking throughout the day. 

Once you enter the main show floor you begin to walk through row after row of incredible booths - from shiny instruments and cymbals to the most incredible handmade instruments. Not only are you able to view and get a hands on feel for the hottest new products, but you get to meet one on one with the manufacturers of those products. As you walk slowly taking in all these visual sights, you begin to hear sounds that make emotions start to stir inside you. An example of that would be as I was walking by a banjo booth, where I stopped to listen to two old time folk/blues players picking and singing, I was taken back to a simpler time with simpler fun music.

Throughout the day I would stop by many of the booths and spot famous Musician or DJs signing autographs and endorsing the brand if the booth they were in.  Here are a few examples of celebs spotted endorsing their favorite brands: Famous musician Dr. John was on the main Stage playing for the NAMM foundation and for the Lennon Foundation.  Legendary Drummer Nicko McBrain from the band Iron Maiden Signing autographs and taking picks with his fans in front of the SONOR booth. Metal Guitar God Kerry King from the band Slayer was signing autographs in the B.C. RICH GUITARS booth. Robert Trujillo bassist from the Metal Band Metallica was spotted signing autographs at the Framus guitars booth.

Some of the other things you will see are:  musical instruments from around the world with every inventive and creative accessory, children’s musical education software, equipment insurance, Midi controllers, equipment shipping or carrying cases, disc jockey equipment for the beginner to the novice, sound and lighting equipment that will fill a small bar to a stadium. I could go on for hours talking about all the things you can see, feel and do.

Key to the show is being able to not only see with your, eyes but to pick things up, touch them feel them, and talk to the people who created and worked hard on making them. Drink lots of water and bring some GOOD SHOES, on average I walked 5 miles each day!!

And last but not least there are the concerts: during the days and evenings of the NAMM show every hotel, bar, club has some form of entertainment.  Walking down any hall on any floor you will hear and see musicians playing every type of music you could think of. You will enjoy every style of music from local musicians, to artists from around the world. If loud musician concerts or DJ’s is not your scene, NAMM has learning conferences and awards shows, and the networking happens in every hallway, hotel lobby, and restaurant and park bench for miles around. It is not surprising to find several musicians starting jam sessions with 3 or more people who don’t even know each other.  They just love music and playing it with other musicians.

The Namm Show become more than just a convention through the years and has concert and show events happening all over the city. Bands and artists perform not only in the surrounding hotel lobbies but also in bars and clubs throughout the area. NAMM provides a free app for both android and EOS phones so you can not only map out what you want to do and when to do it, but also where to eat, park, or find exactly what you’re looking for.

And for those of you who haven't made it this convention, or want more Namm in your life, the Namm Association has another smaller show in Nashville, Tennessee in July, which focuses less on product and more on industry meetings and professional development.




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“Alice” A Steampunk Concert Fantasy- Show Review by Jake klein https://www.jakekleinphotography.com/blog/2016/1/-alice-a-steampunk-concert-fantasy--show-review-by-jake-klein Alice a steampunk concert fantasy took place on January 12th 2016 At the Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas.


In order to understand how far this show has come we need to explore where it all started - with a simple children’s book.


That book was the first book a young 7 year old Anne Martinez read and from that point on it was, and still is, her favorite book. Fast forward some years. Anne earned her master’s degree in show creations. She would later use this degree along with her favorite childhood fantasy, to help create a show. One day, in the early 2000’s Anne was exposed to a new movement called Steampunk.


 It wasn’t long after that Anne started to think how she could use the look and feel of steampunk with her passion as a singer/entertainer and turn that into something amazing. Anne took her concept to her friend and dancer, choreographer and musician Ryan Kelsey. With her communication of a framework and a dramatic line to follow, he and Anne began to create the show. The show then needed music. For that they reached out to the man they knew could make it happen; David Perrico who has a long list of credentials such as music director/arranger/trumpet player. David worked with Ryan and Anne to get their vision, and then he added his own incredible spin on the music. David began to chart all the music for his powerhouse band to bring it to life. Starting with a small production of only 4 dancers and 2 singers the show has now grown to consist of 7 dancers and 2 singers in two years.


The venue “Brooklyn Bowl” in itself has an ambiance of a New York bar meets a Vegas showroom, meets a glow in the dark modern bowling alley. As I entered the room I could see the giant dance floor and stage that is so well known around Vegas, but something was different for sure. That something was theater style seating. The stage known for being used by famous bands and DJs, now had a theater type feel and look to it. I could tell we were in for a show, not just a concert.  As others began to fill the room you could hear and feel the excitement.  Some people really got into the “THEME” and dressed in their steam punk outfits. One gentlemen in particular who was dressed from head to toe was Las Vegas’s Very Own famous Historian, Actor, TV star, president and founder of The Steampunk Imaginarium, my good friend Doc Phineas

As the room went dark and music began to play we were treated to a 30 minutes pre show. First up were two separate dance performances, which were choreographed to heart pounding music. Both acts involved dancing down the isles in some cases using the bodies of audience members to lean on or to add emotion to their moves.  Suddenly the lights on the stage came on to reveal large rings hanging from the ceiling and as the live music started 2 beautiful acrobats, began to spin and contort their bodies in rhythm to the music. At one point they both used the same ring and gave us a spectacle of limbs stretching and body parts extending giving us a vision, almost like a chandelier that constantly changes shape. Once again the rooms light went dark.  A spotlight lit up just a small section of the stage and a man dressed in steampunk garb stepped into the light and began to tell a story, a story about Alice. For the next 75 minutes we are taken on a journey of lights, vocal, dance, theatrics, acrobatics, and emotional steampunk fantasy.


In the humble opinion of this writer, if you are want to experience a show unlike anything you have ever seen, then this is a must see show for you.  I would easily add, it will not only be a huge success here in Las Vegas but worldwide, perhaps even in New York on Broadway

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Lon Bronson Band https://www.jakekleinphotography.com/blog/2016/1/lon-bronson-band I have been fortunate enough to shoot pictures for The Lon Bronson All Star Band for a few years now, although this band has been performing for much longer. Lon Bronson first put together his all-star band over 25 years ago and they are now considered the longest running band in Vegas. Lon Bronson himself has been a lifelong musician playing with and recording with some of the biggest names in the industry, but his heart has always been in performing live venues in his home town of Las Vegas. Lon Bronson is not just a professional musician but also musical director, producer, conductor, arranger, and technical director for production shows.
The Lon Bronson All Star Band consists of some of the most talented musicians from some of the biggest shows and most popular bands from around the world. Each night Lon has special guests show up and you never know exactly what you're going to see or hear. From the moment you enter their show you are taken on a musical journey through the years from the 60's to current hits. You will be tapping in your seats and if the one jam hits you , you will be up and dancing with the rest of the almost always packed house.
The band has a devoted following that in some cases has been to their every show since the early 90's. Theband consists of a 6 to 9 piece horn section, a drummer, a percussionist, 2 guitarists, one bassist, one keyboard, 3 to 6 singers, and on some occasions a viola or 2. With that powerhouse of sound you will be blown away for sure.

This photographer, former musician, and music lover highly recommends, no matter what music genre you like, to go and experience this band.

Here is a link to just some of the many shows i have shot for this amazing band through the years.



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Jake Klein Photography Band Review of Recycled Percussion https://www.jakekleinphotography.com/blog/2014/9/jake-klein-photography-band-review-of-recycled-percussion I was honored not only once but twice to have the opportunity to not only experience this great show but to photograph it as well. The Recycled Percussion show is made up of 4 key talented musicians.Recycled Percussion is a Manchester, New Hampshire-based band which was formed originally in Goffstown, New Hampshire. Justin Spencer Put together Recycled Percussion in 1995 for a high school talent show. He was looking for a way to be as creative as possible and borrowed the idea of playing buckets, which was introduced to him in the subways of New York City. Deciding to take the next step, Justin added more and more instruments to the show and expanded on the New York style of street percussion.
The band started to take off in 1999 when they were featured on the cover of USA Today. Recycled Percussion began touring the country performing over 10 shows a year starting in 2001 and began breaking records in the college market.[citation needed] Performing at colleges, NBA halftimes, NFL halftimes, and at corporate events for major companies all over the world, it seemed that Recycled Percussion was going to be around for a long time. The group continued to tour for 10 years until they made their debut on the television show America's Got Talent. The group auditioned with over one hundred acts and became the then-highest placed non-singing act to ever compete in the series' history, finishing third. They lost this distinction when Olate Dogs won season seven in 2012.
After this national exposure, many doors opened for the group and they began to work with Jerry Springer on a live version of “America’s Got Talent.” They spent three months performing at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas and one month performing the live show at MGM Grand Foxwoods in Connecticut. In 2010, the band sealed a deal with the MGM Grand in Las Vegas to have their own show.
After successful runs of shows at MGM and Tropicana Las Vegas, Recycled Percussion is now at The Quad on the Las Vegas Strip. Their brand new interactive show gives each audience member a chance to get in on the act, as everybody is given a drumstick and a unique instrument upon entering.  The band’s immersive show incorporates everyday items like power tools, ladders, buckets and trashcans, turning them into rock instruments.
You've seen Recycled Percussion on NBC's "America's Got Talent." Now you can play along with them live at The Quad.  Recycled Percussion combines extreme percussion, engaging humor and extraordinary athleticism. Whether they're playing on buckets, ladders, grinders or sinks, Recycled Percussion's boundless energy and creativity will blow you away.
Hailing from New Hampshire, the talented troupe formed in 1994 at a high school talent show. Recycled Percussion introduced junk rock to the scene – making catchy beats on bizarre, everyday objects.
Recycled Percussion consists of Justin Spencer (crowned the world's fastest extreme drummer), fellow drummer Ryan Vezina, guitarist Matt Bowman and DJ Jason Davies.  
Today Recycled Percussion can be found Playing at the Showroom at The Quad 6 days a week.
One of the great things about this band is that 100% of their merchandise sales goes to an organization founded by Justin Spencer “recycled percussion founder” called Legacy X.

The mission of the Legacy X Foundation, a non-profit organization, is to create an environment, through a Legacy X Hangout, where people feel safe, accepted and have a sense of belonging. Legacy X is committed to helping individuals overcome being bullied through counseling, educational programming and innovative training. One of the organizations saying is We will simultaneously work to stop bullying within the communities where our hangouts exist.  
Please enjoy the pictures I have taken and click on the links I provided for more information.
In my opinion this is a must see show!!!


(JakeKleinPhotography) Band Las Percussion Photography Professional Recycled Vegas of review https://www.jakekleinphotography.com/blog/2014/9/jake-klein-photography-band-review-of-recycled-percussion Sat, 20 Sep 2014 22:04:46 GMT