Green Screen Photo op


Have you ever looked at a photo of a friend in the Bahamas or in New York City or even Vegas, and thought “I wish that was me”? Well we can’t fly you to those destinations, but we can help create the “illusion” that you, your friends or clients are!


Our Onsite Green Screen Events Shoots feature a professional photographer, lighting, and high-speed on-site printing.  We combine high quality graphic design backdrops with professional photography, and of course the magical powers of green screen and make this happen for you.


Green Screen is so much fun, guaranteed to add excitement and laughs to your event.


All you have to do is work with our graphics department and pick the themed background, perhaps a title or company logo, and let us do the rest.


We use only the fastest and highest quality printers so within minutes each one of your guests gets a unique keepsake to take home with them.


Whether you plan to use green screen photos as marketing collateral for your upcoming event or want to entertain the guest at your party, our green screen photos are guaranteed to add excitement and laughs to your event.


All green screen packages include free delivery, setup, and breakdown, with absolutely no hidden fee's or surprises.  




With this photo op comes the following branding options:

  1. Booth branding – Custom decals on sides and or front and back of booth
  2. Props branding- Custom “themed” and branded props with your logo or event saying on them, can be giveaways as well
  3. Prints- if prints are chosen we can:
  1. Add a custom logo or event saying
  2. Add a themed overlay/frame
  3. Provide custom frames with or without logo to hand out
  1. Emails- we can control:
  1. what the subject matter will say
  2. what the content says including links to your website
  3. can appear to come for your email address
  4. all email data “email address data” is presented at end of event for email follow-ups