*Hollywood red carpet experiences you see in all the magazines!

This Package Includes:

8 x 10 Backdrop > 12 x 20 available for no extra charge

4 x 12 Red Carpet

1 to 3 Custom Logo Design(s)

2 to 4 Hours of Red Carpet Photography

Professional Photographer to shoot event

CD of all Images Captured

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Our Event Green Screen Studio Features a real-life photographer, professional lighting, and high-speed on-site printing.  We combine high quality graphic design, professional photography, and the magical powers of green screen, to produce unique images that place you in a magical moment in time.

With the instant gratification of on-site printing, your guest will be glowing as they hold their personalized keepsake just seconds after snapping their photo.  Whether you plan to use green screen photos as marketing collateral for your upcoming event or want to entertain the guest at your party, our green screen photos are guaranteed to add excitement and laughs to your event.

Graphic designer creating green screen background images and overlay images. Our in-house graphic designer will work closely with you to create one-of-a-kind custom background images that tie into the theme of your event and reflect your personality.

We believe that beautiful and immersive graphic designs are key elements to producing high quality green screen photos that will truly astonish your guests.  Our goal is to offer only the very best quality photos by making design a key component, rather than an afterthought. 

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***Model, Actor, Musician, or business person Headshots & Portraits:

Our Packages are setup for your convenience as follows:


>Direct shooting to screen for your immediate review

>Number of shots: Minimum of 25 maximum of 50

>Digital Negatives: 3

>Photo Retouch or adjustment: 3

>Wardrobe changes: 1

>Shooting time: 1 hour

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Our BASIC Pro:

>Direct shooting to screen for your immediate review

>Number of shots: Minimum or 50 maximum of 100

>Digital Negatives: 3

>Photo Retouch or adjustment: 5

>Wardrobe changes: 2

>Shooting time: 2 hours

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Our Premium Pro:

>Direct shooting to screen for your immediate review

>Number of shots: Minimum or 100 maximum of 200

>Digital Negatives: 3

>Photo Retouch or adjustment: 10

>Wardrobe changes: 5

>Shooting time: 4 hour

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****Photo Booths:

Option #1: Enclosed photo booth “old school style” “ This booth fits 2 people at a time 

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Option #2: Open air photo booth (rectangle box with touch screen and camera built in, white backdrop, , props, 1 attendee) 

This booth fits up to 10 people at a time

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Option #3: Choice of white, grey or black Backdrop , props, Professional photographer, professional flash/strobe, on-line print orders or free digital downloads from our customized site.

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