Photo Mosaic is lots of fun and one of our fun branding photo ops


A professional solid white backdrop is setup with salon style chairs, then one of our professional photographers with camera on tripod for consistently lined up head shots take the attendees photos, those photos travel via hard wire to a laptop then our custom-built program takes the images and sends them to our display screen where you can see your face become part of the company logo mosaic picture.


How does this work well prior to event our tech crew sets up with your company the image/logo that you want the mosaic to become, and with each picture added the mosaic is formed. The program displays this on your choice size screen or can projected for larger events. Throughout the process the mosaic continues to move showing past pics taken then recreating the whole image


With this photo op comes the following branding options:

  1. Booth branding – Custom decals on sides and or front and back of booth
  2. Props branding- Custom “themed” and branded props with your logo or event saying on them, can be giveaways as well
  3. Prints- if prints are chosen we can:
  1. Add a custom logo or event saying
  2. Add a themed overlay/frame
  3. Provide custom frames with or without logo to hand out
  1. Emails- we can control:
  1. what the subject matter will say
  2. what the content says including links to your website
  3. can appear to come for your email address
  4. all email data “email address data” is presented at end of event for email follow-ups