Our Selfie Booth Photo op is a runoff of the idea of todays “SELFIE” cell phone craze, the fact is that a picture taken for the right angel can be much more flattering than one taken from the wrong one. What seems to work well is a photo from above so we decided to create the Selfie booth photo op.


One of the nice things about this booth is it can be created and sculpted to enhance the theme of your event or booth. In the case of the pictures below we were asked by our clients at the SEMA show to integrate the booth into their existing structure which was a round trussed in area.



In this case we clamped the camera 14’ tall straight up in the middle of the booth with a flash, once people where in the center we had them look straight up and then took the pic… the results where a fun and unique picture. The pics were then sent to one our social media kiosks where attendees could them email them right away to themselves.


With this photo op comes the following branding options:

  1. Booth branding – Custom decals on sides and or front and back of booth
  2. Props branding- Custom “themed” and branded props with your logo or event saying on them, can be giveaways as well
  3. Prints- if prints are chosen we can:
  1. Add a custom logo or event saying
  2. Add a themed overlay/frame
  3. Provide custom frames with or without logo to hand out
  1. Emails- we can control:
  1. what the subject matter will say
  2. what the content says including links to your website
  3. can appear to come for your email address
  4. all email data “email address data” is presented at end of event for email follow-ups