Slow motion Video “your fun in slow motion”


Our Slow Motion Booth uses the latest in Video technology.

A professional solid backdrop of your choice we suggest sequence is setup with one of our professional “Brandable” photo booths.

A table full of fun props and confetti like props are laid out, attendees step up with help from one of booth hosts our booth program begins a countdown of video and then it party time with wild and crazy props arms, legs, and hair flying in the air, once the video is done you instantly see what you have created slowed down to a 3rd the speed, and the laugher and OMG comments begin, attendees then can email themselves the videos to share with family and friends or post to their social media accounts..

Below is an example of how it works and what the end result looks like.


With this photo op comes the following branding options:

  1. Booth branding – Custom decals on sides and or front and back of booth
  2. Props branding- Custom “themed” and branded props with your logo or event saying on them, can be giveaways as well
  3. Prints- if prints are chosen we can:
  1. Add a custom logo or event saying
  2. Add a themed overlay/frame
  3. Provide custom frames with or without logo to hand out
  1. Emails- we can control:
  1. what the subject matter will say
  2. what the content says including links to your website
  3. can appear to come for your email address
  4. all email data “email address data” is presented at end of event for email follow-ups