Tribute Artists Photo Op

Our Tribute Artists Photo Op is always a fun addition and fantastic branding tool for your event and or booth


We have connections in every city in America for various professional and fun tribute artists


Weeks prior to your event we will go over exactly the amount of space we have to work with and begin to design with our graphic designers your branded backdrop


Depending on the theme and availability we can provide various local tribute artists

As you can see n the photos i provided from a recent event in which over a 3-day event we provided an Ozzy Osbourne artists, a Slash Artist, and a FULL Group KISS artists. 


With this setup  they chose, right after having their professional photo with their favorite tribute artist they proceeded to one of our dual kiosk social media photo sharing stations one of our friendly hosts then showed them how to find their photo and either email it to themselves or family and friends "up to 3 emails can be sent for each picture" or they chose to upload it to twitter. or Facebook.


*there are many ways this photo op can be company branded:

1) on the backdrop that we design is your company logo or logos/sponsors

2) in the email the attendees send can be fully branded with a letter of thanks for attending or stopping by and links to websites can also be included.

3) in the social media share we chose what will be said about the picture not the attendee so it can again be completely branded included logos social media links etc....

4) If you also include our many printing options we can in addition to backdrops add an overlay of a logo etc...