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A short time after my daughter was accepted to her choice University she sat me down and said "dad, you have done a great job in raising me, you have made many sacrifices for me and I know and appreciate that but in August when I go off to college to start my new life I want you to do the same".... " dad its then time for YOU TO DO YOU!

My adventures have begun I started the first one on January 5th 2018 when i flew to Texas and puchased my RV I then drove it back for 3 days over 1500 miles to Vegas. I will be taking you all on these Journeys with me through my photography and videography through this great country and its beautiful roads, valleys, mountains, and parks meeting fun, creative, and caring people along the way.


I am so excited to begin my 2 year RV adventures which will include:

> Live Facebook feeds

> A weekly vlog a run-through of my thoughts on things I've seen along the way as well as items I am using in the RV life and things I think can help others if they go for this adventure as well.

> creative and unique photos of people places and things I see and feel along my way.


What Jake Klein the 50-year-old young man wants to learn from these adventures:

One of the many reasons I am doing this adventure is to get myself out of my rut and out of my comfort zone, to meet new people and begin new adventures in my life. I have just kind of been surviving along the way recovering from a rough past of seriously bad choices and in some cases just bad luck. I am hoping that I will get to know the person I have become and the person I know I can be. In the end, I want from this trip to really like me.  I feel once I have gotten to that point my life of truly being happy with myself body, mind and soul, everything will really start to flow in a nonstop positive way. I will be discussing in some babbling depth, my daily thoughts as I try to work through some of the many life troubles and bad times I have lived through so I can confront and deal with them and start to find more peace in my life. 

When on the road, I will begin practicing:

> meditation

> yoga

> much needed cardio adventures

> healthy eating

************I will be doing a lot of safe hiking, and some bicycling as well.


Jake, dude where are you going?

well since you asked I plan on beginning mapping out my journey soon and will be posting that on this site.

Some  places I know for sure I want to spend some time:

> Small towns throughout America

> Festivals along the way from Ren fairs to small town parades

> Mom's house in Long Island

> Sisters house, and friends in New Jersey

> Friends I have in Canada "summertime only, brrrr"

> Dad's house and friends in California

> Friends in all major cities

And of course, pretty much every city, a national landmark, national park, secret amazing spots and all fun museums and fairs every city or town has to offer....


Join me on my Blog Recorded adventures on my RV and Road Talk page as well as my youtube page ...Links below

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To my friends and family in Las Vegas you have given me 26 years of safety and love and I will always be thankful, and I will also always return as I am working hard to lock down dates of employment "gigs" from time to time for the next few years so you will still see me in person every once in a while.


Adventures began January 5th 2018





Jake's Journey Type of RV  Working On The Road RV and Road Talk Contact